This autumn and winter, Pomellato jewelry replica presents a series of jewelry that are balanced between low-key and gorgeous. They come in different sizes, techniques, colors and styles. Most of the Pomellato jewelry is small and exquisite, made of antique pan-black sterling silver, accompanied by black or champagne gems, and bracelets and necklaces made of pure silver lace. Cheap Pomellato earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings are adorned with painted eyes. The pattern is created by pure dyeing techniques. The edges are illusionary. The high-end Pomellato jewelry is also dominated by dark colors, making the colors appear richer and stronger. A series of rare precious cutRead More →

How to Celebrate the Symbolic Design and Success of Half a Century Since the 50th Anniversary of the Establishment of a Brand? The Pomellato jewelry replica in Italy may already be the answer – not only for a gold party for Milan’s fashion elite but also for Iconica series of modern classic design. Not long ago, Pomellato Jewelry held a golden party in Milan. There were many stars gathered in the show. Models Samile Bermannelli, Leila Nda, Sasha Kichigina, famous actress Nathalie Rapti Gomez and W Magazine Stefano Tonchi were present. For the past half century, the Italian-style fake Pomellato jewelry has been bringing usRead More →

Rose gold, gray mother of pearl. This year, Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry replica family to shine fine new limited edition pendant for the winter festival call lucky. This pendant is one of the family of classic Vintage Alhambra four leaf luck series of works, with rose gold, gray mother of pearl and diamonds to bring the natural harmony of the match. Mother of pearl is produced from the marine shell of the organic material, iridescent color, changing color, fascinating. It pearl-like smart luster, reminiscent of charming, gentle and care. In addition, the pendants can be added to personal engraved, become a unique collection. RoseRead More →

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The 68th Cannes Film Festival has come to an end. In the film’s annual event, the Italian high-level jewelry pomellato brand spokesperson, the famous Hollywood actress and film producer Salma Hayek with the new film “Tale of Tales” nominated for the current film festival main competition unit, and several times a few times Body, wearing cheap pomellato jewelry, she varied in shape in front of the camera to display the charm of mature women. Salma Hayek as one of the main, to attend the Cannes main contest film “Tale of Tales” conference. At the scene of the conference Haye was dressed in black rose redRead More →

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Italian high-level jewelry brand Pomellato jewelry replica to the new series Milano gift Father’s Day, for the type of darling happy crowned. Pomellato Milano series for the tribute to the hometown of Milan and students, the interpretation of this international capital has been admired by the modern world of modern soul, creating a contemporary type of men and women of the necessary fashion choice. Avant-garde vanguard of the contemporary design highlights beyond the time limit, timeless national treasurer art, Xilian, simple lines also make it become the next tribute to the father of the best choice. Unlike the father’s implicit parental love, the friend’s equalityRead More →

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Italian fine jewelry brand Pomellato Bahia series from Brazil’s warm tourist resort Bahia, cheap Pomellato jewelry family is very tropical style jewelry series. The series of beauty for the limited use of Morgan stone, sea sapphire and berths and other rare beryls effort to build, like a pair of light and shadow on the red carpet, that graceful actress surprises praise. In 2017, new Pomellato Bahia necklace series flashing three beryl rare and rare charm light, to win everyone’s eyes: it sensuous passionate, refined and elegant, it is every woman’s dream choice. Morgan stone, and for “cesium beryl”, known as the color gem in theRead More →

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Pomellato jewelry replica Following the initial preview of the top boutique hall of Bergdorf Goodman in New York’s Fifth Avenue, the Pomellato Premium Custom Jewelery Collection – POM POM “Rainbow” is about to receive an appointment tasting and order in designated boutiques around the world. The 11 “Rainbow” theme jewelry selection of a series of colorful full of precious stones, through the Italian national treasure handmade jewelry technician effort to build, heritage POM POM world only to pure blood, One of a kind. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, 11 senior cheap Pomellato jewelry treasures include the collection of paradise in the world: pink sapphire,Read More →

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Alone shipped ingenuity, bit into a sand, Pomellato Sabbia series of meaning in the desert of the Sands, grateful sea of ​​the encounter, with diamond jewelry to tell the bright golden chapter. With a national treasure handmade art of the cheap Pomellato jewelry craftsmen with a unique shop inlaid handmade art to create a rolling ups and downs of the diamond ring design, bright sultry. Rose gold inlaid white diamond, brown diamond or black diamond, like the golden canyon dune, just dark black volcano beach. Whether you wear alone, or mixed superimposed, exquisite slippery Pomellato Sabbia ring will be light, texture and color exquisite fusion,Read More →

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Pomellato jewelry of Nudo series, praise the world to pursue freedom, loyal to the self, for the love of the best companion. A variety of colorful cheap Pomellato jewelry masterpiece, achievement jewelry accompanied by life seconds, witness the eternal love of the extraordinary truth. Born in 1967 in Milan, Pomellato took the lead in the fashion industry, “high clothing” concept into the creation of jewelry, senior jewelry to give the daily wear of the pioneering significance. Every place, everyone, the light of love in the fingers of fermentation, also precipitated into fake Pomellato nudo ring. In 2017, the Pomellato jewelry logo of Nudo series madeRead More →